Online Reputation Management Services:

* – For almost a decade, I have been a professional Wikipedian by providing editing and consulting services to an array of individual and corporate clients worldwide.

* ORM Audit – For $199, I perform an extensive search and review of your online profiles, media, and overall web presence while compiling a detailed report with feedback regarding strategy for correcting any misinformation, factual inaccuracies, etc. along with how to streamline and protect future online activity.

Legacy ORM – For a consultation fee of $150, I will discuss your end-of-life ORM needs and wishes while compiling a report with strategies on how to best handle those tasks and quoting a fee for the customized, good-faith service. Examples include pre-written obituaries, social media and online presence resolution (forum profiles, blogs, websites), press releases, Wikipedia updates, and can extend into the decades according to client needs.


For more information on any of these projects, please contact me at